GoodSync Review – Everything but Good

Update 12/13/13: They keeping getting better worse! If you use GoodSync to sync your documents to SkyDrive, and plan on sharing any files, forget it. GoodSync will overwrite your sharing settings on each sync. You share your file with another SkyDrive user, it removes the sharing, you share again, it removes it again. The fix? GoodSync has to rewrite their SkyDrive interface to use the new API. That type of change isn’t a quick and easy fix, and I doubt we will be seeing it any time soon. Yay for broken!

Update 6/14/13: Being GoodSync does provide most, if not all, of the functionality I need, I have continued using it and suffered through the frustration. Several updates and new versions have been released since the below review was posted and the sync issues are definitely improving.

GoodSync now runs happily in the background and very seldom needs my attention. If things keep improving, it will turn out to be a pretty nice piece of software.