GoodSync Review – Everything but Good

GoodSync is garbage

Posted: August 1, 2012 | Last Updated: December 13, 2013

Update 12/13/13: They keeping getting better worse! If you use GoodSync to sync your documents to SkyDrive, and plan on sharing any files, forget it. GoodSync will overwrite your sharing settings on each sync. You share your file with another SkyDrive user, it removes the sharing, you share again, it removes it again. The fix? GoodSync has to rewrite their SkyDrive interface to use the new API. That type of change isn’t a quick and easy fix, and I doubt we will be seeing it any time soon. Yay for broken!

Update 6/14/13: Being GoodSync does provide most, if not all, of the functionality I need, I have continued using it and suffered through the frustration. Several updates and new versions have been released since the below review was posted and the sync issues are definitely improving.

GoodSync now runs happily in the background and very seldom needs my attention. If things keep improving, it will turn out to be a pretty nice piece of software.


In my search for a combined solution for backing up files and synchronizing between computers, I decided to try out GoodSync’s paid version. At first, it seemed like a really nice piece of software – I could sync with my Live storage, computer to computer, and everything was supposed to be easy. Wrong.

So, what went wrong?

Synchronization Nightmares

Some of my first important files to try syncing were all of the files that make up my web sites. Most of them rarely change but, when they do, I need them to be updated across all my machines. I set up the sync on my Desktop and Laptop, and away I went. Everything seemed to work well, until I updated some of my files. My laptop often did not pull the changed files down and had to be manually told to sync. Syncing is where things got really fun.

It seems GoodSync sucks at understanding what files have and have not changed. I would modify one or two files, but GoodSync seemed to think 100s of files had changed between whatever computer I was on and my Live storage. Most of the time, I hadn’t changed ANY files, and GoodSync still said there were hundreds of changes. To make everything even more fun, GoodSync claimed a large amount of the changes were on both sides. That means, you guessed it, a conflict! So I get to spend the next 15 minutes or more clicking files, telling GoodSync which way I want things to sync (GoodSync uses “Left” and “Right” for the snyc option), and hoping I don’t overwrite anything important. Then, GoodSync would sync for the next half hour.

Ok, I guess I can deal with that hassle. At least some of the time it works right. Right? Nope, not really. Right after all the selecting files, telling GoodSync which way to sync, wasting a lot of my time, and telling GoodSync to sync… It would tell me there are 700+ files that have changed, and 500+ of them are conflicts. Again.

Secondary Use Nightmares

I was on vacation and wanted to sync some photos and video. I copied everything off my camera and on to my laptop, created a job, and that’s when a nice new error comes in. I do not recall the exact message, I’ll re-locate it later and add it in, but it wouldn’t allow me to sync any of the files.

So I get home from vacation and begin having those wonderful Windows pop-up notification bubbles that everyone loves so much constantly bombing me with messages about conflicts to how ever many hundreds of files. Yay! Go GoodSync!

At this point, I’m fed up. I give one last round of attempts to make things work, but keep getting the error “Cannot rename log file: Cannot MOVE: Server says: Precondition failed (status code: 412)” and hundreds more files being, you guessed it, conflicts – even though these files haven’t changed.

Then started…


After battling it out with support for a while, they acknowledged there was an issue, and fixed it.

Conflict. Take 2… 3… 4…

Apparently, there were other issues that came up from those fixes, however, as a later update caused even more issues with conflicts on files that have never changed. Now, months later, I have a “Conflicts detected” error bubble nagging me from my windows task bar every few hours… On files that haven’t changed… My sync settings specifically say newest file always wins, but it’s ignored.


Rating by Alan Cook: 2.0 stars

2 responses to “GoodSync Review – Everything but Good”

  1. Tycoon says:

    I installed goodsync free version on 3 machines and set up 2 jobs as a test. Worked perfectly once I figure out all the in’s and out’s. I purhcased the Pro and expanded service to 15 machines for my small business, that’s when the problems came. It began dupicating, deleting, and moving files for no reason, then all of the computer “lost connection” and their sales pitch of 24/7 support turns out to be a mail dropbox. waiting 24-36 hours for a reply you get “did you check your router to see if is UPNP? If not you must forward ports.” I reply and explain it worked fine for several weeks, well, “it must be your network, not our problem, you can get support for a fee”. I tried to explain that only two of these macines were on the smae network, all the rest were internet and ALL began to forward, killing the automatic syncs. I asked for a refund and was told no due to the fact I was 6 days past 30 days since purchase. I have unistalled and moved on to skydrive.

  2. Frank says:

    Goodsync is not for the novice like me. To confusing. I lost some valuable photos too!
    Wish there was a sync program for dummies out there